Pony Express Party


We DO strive to offer the BEST service and Value for your Pony/Horse Party or School Function.  We appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have, as we value your opinions!

We come to YOUR HOME or Special Place (park, rec. center, authorized playground or recreation area, business parking lot, etc.) to enjoy an unforgettable and memorable party!

Packages and Prices to Follow: (504)250-1767

Pony/Horse Party Packages and Prices

Children and adults also get an opportunity to pet, love, and feed the animals (we provide the feed for feeding). 

We provide supervised instruction in animal safety and mounting,

 dismounting, and walking around the Pony/horse.

       We can schedule several events on the same day.

#1 Package:  1 riding animal for 1 1/2 hours--------------$295
                              (Includes one lead person)
#2 Package:  1 riding animal for 2 1/2 hours------------- $350
                                   (Includes one lead person)
#3 Package:  2 riding animals for 1 1/2 hours------------$400
                                   (Includes two lead persons)
#4 Package: 2 riding animals for 2 hours------------------$475
                                  (Includes two lead persons)
#5 Package:  DELUXE PARTY:   3 riding animals for
  2 and 1/2 hours of riding, plus special
souvenir equine craft for the riders! ------------------------$575
  ***any additional riding time to any Package: $80.00 per 1/2 hour.
Transportation Fee :  additional charges to events outside of area

Any other points of interest please call 985.288.0850 if we do not answer its because we are busy with the ponies, please leave us a message and best time to reach you!        



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